Hello! We are TRIBURB!

We are group of coherent team working towards system efficacy and value system development of human life. Our team has evolved from many dimensions, to make a statement in the global forum. We Triburb are here to provide you products that are premium yet affordable for your everyday need.

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Our journey being an entrepreneur has not started now. We are from diverse domains and expertise. Our work ethics has evolved from our disciplined career status and more than decade long experience. We have researchers, developers, marketers and wisdom investors who have contributed in making this an effective system.

Interesting facts

It’s not just any contact-less hand sanitizer dispenser. We have also some fun facts embedded with in that makes it a superb gadget for wellness industry. We have also broadened our scope on this hand sanitizer to be AI operated.

Cost Effective
Well Calibrated
Quickest Response Time
Covid Fighter
Triburb Technology brings you a fully automatic contactless sanitizer dispenser at a very affordable price. Our objective is to ensure safety of individuals with proper distancing
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