AstraZeneca has paused its vaccine trial. Oxford vaccine candidate trials are not showing promising results. ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) and (DCGI) Drugs Controller General of India has asked SII (Serum Institute of India) to submit casualty analysis of the reported serious adverse events. Till that time SII has been asked to pause the vaccine candidate trial. Any such news does not seem encouraging when we are looking for next label of unlock.

Corona Virus has truly affected every human life in this world. Scanty in research data making this much more difficult to gauge or access how this spread can be stopped. Till now we are only aware of standard guidelines by WHO(World Health Organisation) or ICMR and various SOP’s from Government of India.

How this virus spreads?

Till now we are aware of few methods by which this virus spreads. It’s airborne. Yes not to speculate it’s airborne to certain distance like 6 feet or 10 feet. Though few data has also confirmed, its spread traverse more in a densely populated area with maximum number of COVID-19 patients.

Majorly this virus stays with its host and travels when concerned host leaves droplets by sneezing, couching or from saliva. The body where these droplets stick onto works as a medium to spread them to next person.

Spread of this virus becomes further more difficult to trace because of the fact that, host or individual who do not have any symptoms like cough, fever, cold can also host this virus. Hence, as a precautionary major SOP’s and guidelines suggest to use MASK in all public places.

Preventive Actions

Certainly when there’s no vaccine and medicines available then only one way to safeguard self or family involves prevention. Complete Isolation is one of the way. However with opened market and business operation.It’s practically impossible to stay isolated from everything. Few practitioners have always touted for Chinese approach of dealing with COVID but frankly speaking that’s not something we can work out here in India.

Various hand washing practices, lifestyle hygiene, using masks, social distancing and usage of alcohol based sanitizer liquid to sanitize self and other chemical based compositions for surfaces. These are the major ways of preventive actions available at the moment.

Options Available

Social distancing is one among the way to break this chain of virus spread though there’s not enough research available to talk about what’s the ideal distance to keep you safe. But yes this could be one of the way without any sustainability.

Hand washing has been termed as most effective way of dealing with this virus because in most of the cases proper hand washing from a minimum duration of 20 seconds is the way kill this virus if it by any chance sticks to your hand.


Using mask is one of the way to keep you safe from direct infection by preventing odd, infectious air to get into your body. Though this virus can also get into your body from your eyes and ears. But in majority of cases wearing a mask can help you prevent touching your nose or mouth and block droplets traverse through body.

Lifestyle hygiene entails everyone to maintain regular washing of clothes, keeping your premises clean and sanitized, practising washing of legs and hands before entering to your home. If you move out then ensure while you come back home then not to enter those clothes or masks.

Surface disinfectant, is too one of the way to keep your home and premises safe and sanitize them. Sodium Hypochlorite solutions are primarily used in a 1:10 ratio with water to clean majority of surfaces. Again these are only surface disinfectant and human body can’t be treated with it.

To ensure further healthy and safety practises with human skin as well as body. The most effective solution available for you is with alcohol based hand sanitizer. Yes this is the most effective way to sanitize your hand and body. Most promising aspect of this liquid is, it reduces or kills these virus within 15 seconds of usage.


Alcohol Based Sanitization

WHO predefined a standard or guideline for such alcohol based sanitizer liquids. As per them any alcohol based sanitizer with alcohol content of about 60% or more is most useful way of killing these virus.

Technically speaking two major alcohol bases are available right now in the market. 1- Isopropyl based sanitizer liquid and Ethanol based sanitizer liquid. If you have 100% of these solutions available readily then you can easily make it at home. You only have to dilute them to 65 to 70 percent for effective usage. These dilution can be made via clean water or by glycerine as moisturizer. Few homemade videos too suggest using aloe vera gel instead of glycerine but it’s your choice of doing it.

Again these homemade solutions are not that cost effective and can only be used for short term. We have been experiencing this pandemic for more than 8 months now and need to fight with it for some months now. Not sure when these vaccines will come up and what will be the effect of using these vaccine. So with limited options we are only protected by effective sanitizer liquids available in the market.

How to use

In most of the cases we use these alcohol based liquids on our hand and body via sanitizer dispensers, or spray bottles. Spray bottles are useful for domestic usage, but again with the biggest disadvantage being you need to touch it and press the spray to get your self-sanitized. Ideally this should be a contactless process and should not involve any kind of touching. To handle this critical issue we at Triburb have devised couple of solutions to help individuals and institutions.

Triburb Solutions

We at Triburb have been constantly working towards making effective and efficient way of sanitizing. We have developed the most effective automatic contact less sanitizer dispenser with various volumes like 1.5liter, 2liter, 5liter and 8liter.

In addition to this we have also custom solutions available for mass sanitization at various places like; Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Housing societies, Apartment complexes, Universities, Offices, Malls and commercial establishments.

Our low cost and efficient sanitization tunnels are the most successful way of working on bulk sanitization process. Many big hospitals and COVID centres in Bhubaneswar are using them effectively for bulk sanitization.

To make this further affordable and compatible we have prepared multiple options of disinfectant tunnels. Which can be used for small shops, galleries or show-room to big malls and Hospitals.

These easy to fit tunnels are can be transported to any part of the world with proper packing and shipping. We have been shipping it across India and can deliver your desired product in a time frame of 7 to 10 days.

Please contact us on +91-8249519103 or email us for trade inquiries.

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