There are basically 3 types of sensor-based fully automatic hand sanitizer dispensers, namely Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Before narrating about their features and specification, you need to be familiar with the following terms and their absolute meaning.

Contactless: Sensor-based automatic dispenser system that senses your hand and releases the liquid from the container. Powered by a USB cable with B type charger socket.

Battery Backup: A rechargeable power supply unit to provide a power backup in case of a power-cut situation.

Night Mode: A sensor-based lighting system that automatically gets on if you show your hand. Useful for use in the night. It also gives an elegant look.

Level indicator: A sensor-based liquid level indicator that shows the level of sanitizer content in the container.

Refilling buzzer: A sensor-based buzzer system that alerts you about the time of refilling the sanitizer container

Following the outbreak of fatal Novel Corona Virus microbes, the world wide lockdown and shut down have kept the entire economic activities at a halt. No need to mention about the lethality of this COVID-19 pandemic which has ramified both the developing and developed states through its unpredictable genome sequences. The scientists, around the globe, have been amassing all their energy and intellectual level to ferry out anti-viral vaccines for the last couple of months. But still, we don’t have any such formidable treatment procedures except adopting physical distancing, frequent handwashing, universal mask-wearing, contact-tracing, testing of symptomatic-asymptomatic-mild-cases, declaring containment zones and isolating or quarantining the confirmed positive cases.

COVID-19 Pathogen Sustainability

In addition to that, these unpredictable SARS nCoV-2 pathogens seem to remain sustainable on both the tangible substances and air (due to aerosols generated by us as a result of sneezing, coughing, breathing, and communicating). The study suggested that people acquire Coronavirus through the air and after touching contaminated objects. Scientists discovered the virus is detectable for up to 3 hours in aerosols, up to 4 hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard, and up to 3 days on plastic as well as stainless steel materials! Then how can you sanitize your hand at office or public places using any authorized hand sanitizers?

To do this, you must have to press the nib of certain liquid soup or sanitizer’s bottle. If it’s in your domestic premise, then it will be absolutely fine but there is no accountability on the mass-hand sanitizers. As these are used anonymously which are subjected to pathogen invasion to your healthy body. So, in this situation, you may think up an automatic device that can disseminate sanitizer without touching its body at all. Interestingly, these types of fully spontaneous contact-less hand sanitizers are of paramount importance during such hectic time and post-COVID-19 period.

Why You Should Rely On Triburb?

We are a group of coherent team working towards system efficacy and value system development of human life. Our team has evolved from many dimensions, to make a statement in the global forum. We, Triburb, are here to provide you products that are premium yet affordable for your everyday need.

We have brought you a fully automatic contactless sanitizer dispenser at a very affordable price. As our objective is to ensure your safety with proper physical distancing.

We also provide the following warranties, such as

  • All the products are covered under a warranty period of 12 months (6 months’ full replacement warranty+ 6 months’ warranty on the electronics module).
  • Warranty will be treated void if it has tampered or any seal is opened by any unauthorized person.
  • Warranty will be treated void in case any other liquid is used other than isopropyl alcohol-based sanitizer.
  • No warranty on the body.
  • All the products are tested OK by a professional expert group.
  • In the case of any manufacturing defect, the product will be exchanged with a new one and all the transportation costs will be taken care of by us.

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Now discussing their models and capacity to hold sanitizers as below.


Model Name: Alpha
Model Number Capacity hold (in ml)









Its contactless automatic hand-sanitizer dispenser with no provisions of battery back-ups, night mode, refilling buzzer, and level indicator.


Model Name: Beta
Model Number Capacity hold (in ml)








This Beta version has been reinforced with contact-less feature with provisions of battery backups, night mode, and night mode without refilling buzzer and level indicator.


Model Name: Gamma
Model Number Capacity hold (in ml)









It consists of all types of specifications such as from contactless to level indicator.

Product Specifications

Operating Supply (Electrical Input) 230V, 5A
Power consumption (working voltage) 24V DC
Dimension Compact size depends on the container capacity
Container Capacity 500/1000/2000/5000/8000/10000 ml
Suitable for Isopropyl alcohol-based sanitizer
Usage type Touch-free (Contactless)


Mounting over the ever expediting concerns amid the COVID-19 epidemic, international health agencies have also suggested for self-isolation and complying with the authority’s guidelines. During this public health emergency, it’s difficult to search for automatic sensor-based hand sanitizer dispensers due to the restrictions on movement. So, you only have an online option to search for such types of devices from an authorized company like Triburb, which has transformed this recession to opportunity with its fully automatic sanitizer devices.

Triburb Technology brings you a fully automatic contactless sanitizer dispenser at a very affordable price. Our objective is to ensure safety of individuals with proper distancing
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