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Microtek Pulse Oximeter Bhubaneswar

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We are dealing with COVID essentials for more than a year now. In these difficult times we are offering you a product which can help you in those critical days. Microtek Pulse Oximeter has been a life saving tools in understanding your Oxygen label while you are infected.

Pulse Oximeter from Microtek has been really handy in helping, COVID infected persons to understand their oxygen label. It also shows the your pulse rate along with Oxygen label. With such emergence of Delta and Delta plus variant it has become essential to learn Oxygen saturation of your body at times of initial days of infection.

Everyone now knows the value of Oxygen if you are infected with COVID then managing and monitoring Oxygen label in patients body really helps in saving life. Hence, we should always use devices that are accurate in calibration or reading. Microtek pulse oximeter comes with an one year warranty, makes it even more reliable tool for yoru survival.

We offer shipping across India. Contact us for bulk deals and regular offers. If you are looking for Pulse Oximeter in Odisha then you have come to the right place for the right product.


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